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AgroJob web application

System for searching and finding Land Workers

Searching, communicating and finding labor for the rural area and the agricultural industry (packaging, standardization and processing), is not an easy task.

The problem of meeting the needs of work in the livestock, beekeeping and fisheries area as well as in the agro-industry, is located beyond the lack of labor, also in the difficulty in the process of finding workers.

Our company, having over 20 years of experience in the field of finding a job and in the operation of the labor market, designed and developed agrojob, a digital solution of tomorrow, designed and built by your and for your needs.

Agrojob is a web platform, which puts farmers, viticulturists, stockbreeders, beekeepers, cooperatives and agricultural industries in need of labor, in free search and communication with people (farmers, students, drivers, etc.) who want and are available to work, not only in areas around their place of permanent residence, but also in other parts of the country, in order to work as many days as possible, since the seasonality of agricultural work, cooperatives and of agro-industries is known.

It comes and fills a significant gap in the process of searching for and finding workers and at a time when there is a shortage of workers in the rural area.

Its use does not require special digital skills both on the part of workers and on the part of farmers, stockbreeders and fishermen, which makes it friendly and attractive.

The innovation of the application in the search for workers, in the targeted job vacancy, in the process of booking and managing jobs, make agrojob unique and valuable.

Agrojob. Close to the worker - Together with the farmer!


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