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In the context of Smart Cities and the themes of digital governance and e-Information and the Cities of Employment, our company having over 20 years of experience in the field of finding a job and in the operation of the labor market, designed and developed the jobdirect. It is addressed to the municipalities, no matter how small or big, how weak or strong they are, in order to improve their business operation and to serve the citizens in their daily life, with the greatest political, social and operational benefits.

Jobdirect is a Cloud application. Operates as a platform for the development of Electronic Employment Centers (EEC) in municipalities, for the Support of Organic Service Units, Employment Information Offices Article 75 and 85 L.3463 / 2006, Community Centers, etc.), or as a physical, or as an intangible structure.

EEC has its own interface and layout and is supported horizontally by our company. It is an intelligent support mechanism in the operation of a municipality, on the one hand to serve citizens in their daily life in the field of employment, covering the needs of Information, Mediation, Employability and on the other hand, for the design of active Employment Promotion policies. Simultaneously with the activation of the information system, it is an intelligent mechanism of communication between the municipal authority and its citizens, with the messages of communication having a strong element of empathy.

The quality of the jobdirect is ensured by the compliance with the Law 2016/679 of Personal Data Management (GDPR) and the Law 4624/2019 and the implementation of Quality System ISO 9001: 2015.


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