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Our company, having over 20 years of experience in the field of finding a job and in the operation of the labor market, designed and developed the jobdirect for the Support of Liaison Offices and Vocational Careers in Colleges, Vocational Training Institutes and Lifelong Learning Centers.

Jobdirect is a Cloud application. It operates as a platform for the development of Electronic Employment Centers in Colleges, Vocational Training Institutes and Lifelong Learning Centersfor the Support of Liaison Offices and Vocational Careers either as a physical or as an intangible structure.

It is a support mechanism in the operation of the Liaison and Professional Career Office, and at the same time with the activation of the information system, it is an intelligent mechanism of communication between the administration and potential clients, especially with the students - trainees, with the communication messages having a strong element of empathy.

Each Liaison and Professional Career Office has its own interface and layout and is supported horizontally by our company.

Jobdirect covers all aspects of running a Liaison and Career Office.

  • Information (Information of students and trainees for vacancies in public and private sector, internships)
  • Mediation (Promotion of CVs - job applications to companies looking for staff, development of fruitful collaborations with companies and organizations for better information, integration and absorption of those trained in the Labor Market)
  • Employability (Facilitation of students and trainees in obtaining a complete self-image and opportunities in hard and soft skills - self-assessment, assistance in designing their educational and professional plans, support of Lifelong Learning Centers in the development and provision of vocational guidance )
  • Promotion of employment (Organization of a Day of Cooperation and Career event, utilization of the outputs, statistics and indicators, of the jobdirect system, conducting relevant surveys through the JOB REACHERS subsystem)

The quality of jobdirect is ensured by the compliance with the Law 2016/679 of Personal Data Management (GDPR) and the Law 4624/2019 and the implementation of Quality System ISO 9001: 2015.


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