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The self-government with the municipalities and the regions, the private sector with the enterprises of all legal forms, is the place of activity of the company INFO-PLAN S.A (Societe Anonyme Consultants for Local Government and Business) in our country.

Our areas of interest are the sectors of Administration - Economy and Informatics, Employment, Quality Systems, Information, Communication, Advertising and Technical Works.

Through a comprehensive range of consulting services and innovative proposals in municipalities, we contribute to their further strengthening and the sustainable development of cities and their wider areas, in order to achieve strong links with local communities and benefits from the satisfaction and service of citizens with various characteristics.

We support investors (professionals, traders and potential entrepreneurs) in their first steps to start a business. We give priority to the investigation of business operating parameters and undertake their establishment and start-up through short, safe and low-cost procedures.

Our emphasis is on the feasibility and viability of investment plans, in order for our clients to achieve long-term business relationships and operation.

We provide services to existing micro, small and medium enterprises, which cover a wide range of interests, offering innovative highly specialized solutions and wide range of applications.

Our goal is to strengthen the business capacity of municipalities and companies through their transition from traditional to modern, flexible and innovative operation. Elements that make us a stable value and a top choice!

Important are the competitive advantages that one can find in us today.

The long experience, the relationship of trust with the customers, the highly specialized human resources in our areas of interest, the modern technologies, the values and the ethical code in our operation, enable us to provide high value-added services, with high levels innovation and competitiveness.


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