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Administration, Economy and Informatics

1. Smart Cities

Our company, with its twenty years of experience as a Consultant in the field of self-government in matters of administration and services, sustainable urban development, rural development, recognized the need of Local Authorities to adapt local authorities and their cities to the dynamic environment they form. and compose the new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and their transformation into Smart Cities. This fact led us to include in our areas of interest and activity, Smart City services.

Smart Cities are those whose administrations adopt and integrate digital technologies into a comprehensive strategy in their internal processes and offer citizens and businesses integrated digital solutions that facilitate their transactions and their daily lives in general.

The Smart City is a collection of systems that are constantly involved and changing in a dynamic environment and in a social context and compose an information system.

The systems include technical network infrastructure and technological equipment, and applications.

Applications are the core of the smart city that facilitates / supports the functions of a municipality, a city. They cover the overall operation of municipalities and cities, such as:

  • Digital governance (administration services, support and citizen services in employment, health, etc., e-Democracy),
  • e-Information (city / municipality, events, places of activity),
  • Display - View (city / municipality, region, culture, tourism, monuments, sights, products, services),
  • Digital Entrepreneurship (e-Services, e-Shopping, e-Business),
  • e-Management (transport, transportation, waste, water supply, sewerage, etc.)

2. Organization and Management Systems

  • Work flow.
  • Costing and pricing of services (cleaning, drinking water, water for agricultural use, etc.).
  • Organizational and Operational Restructuring.
  • Development of Human Resources Organization and Management Systems.
  • Utilization of technological infrastructure advantages and methods.

3. Local Entrepreneurship

  • Study and implementation of municipal business ecosystems.

4. Business operation

  • Planning, scheduling, preparation, evaluation (ex ante, interim, and ex post) management, monitoring, publicity, implementation and control of projects, actions and programs of Local Authorities first and second degree funded by community, national and own resources.
  • Digitization and file management.
  • Reduction of operating costs / increase of productivity.
  • Preparation of Business Plans.
  • Marketing Plan.

5. Scientific Administrative Support and Assistance

  • Presentations on Business Issues.
  • Support in Current Issues (Analysis of Options, Creation of Proposals, Suggestions for Municipal Council Decisions).
  • Action Planning (Meeting Organization, Theme Development, etc.).
  • Organization and Support in Communication Issues.
  • Creation of Progress Reports of OTA actions at regular intervals.

6. Compilation of proposals and elaboration of studies for integration in financial programs

(NSRF, Green Fund, Philodimos, An. Tritsis, etc.)

7. Costing of Services

8. Feasibility and Sustainability Studies

9. Economic and Technical Studies

10. Case studies


1. JobDirect

Our company designed and developed the innovative Cloud application jobdirect. The jobdirect application acts as a platform for mediation, employability and employment promotion.

The purpose is the operation in Municipalities and Regions of Electronic Employment Centers, integrated as physical or intangible structures in the Organic Service Units of Employment and Entrepreneurship or Digital Governance, in the Community Centers or in the Information Offices for Employment (Art.75 LN 3463/2006).

The operation of Online employment centers is supported horizontally by our company.

2. COOPERATION and Career Day

As part of the support of Electronic Employment Centers, we are implementing the patented event COOPERATION and Career Day. The event is divided into the following sections:

Workshop activities and talks about employment trends in the labor market, unemployment, skills required by employers, future professions and specialties, training programs, personal effectiveness (stress management, skills, assertive behavior) etc.

One-to-one meetings with career guidance counselors and coaching counselors. The visitor has the opportunity to get answers to questions related to the writing of the CV, the vocational guidance, the diagnosis of educational needs but also to seek a brief counseling.

Presence business

Meetings with executives representing companies where visitors have the opportunity to promote their resume.

Exchange of views-Open discussion

Here the visitor will have the opportunity to participate in open discussions, exchange views and socialize with people from the business world, education, training, etc. in order to receive wider information on the topics that interest him.

Quality Systems

Our company provides Quality consulting services in the following standards:

  • ISO 9001: 2015 "Quality Management System"
  • ISO 37001 "Anti-corruption standard"
  • ISO 22000 "Food Safety Management System"
  • HACCP - Codex Alimentarious "Food Hygiene and Safety System"
  • Playground quality management and assurance system No. 28492/2009 (Government Gazette 931 / B / 18-2-2009) “Determination of the conditions and technical specifications for the construction and operation of the playgrounds of the Municipalities and Communities, the bodies and the process of their licensing and control, the procedure of their maintenance, as well as any other necessary details.
  • GDPR 2016/679 "New European Regulation on Personal Data Protection"

Technical works

The technical department of the company develops and provides the following services:

1. Integrated consulting services - Consulting and studies services

We provide comprehensive consulting services in all phases of project design, namely:

  • Planning and assistance with building permits and other approvals.
  • Preliminary assessment.
  • Preliminary design and planning plan.
  • Implementation planning.
  • Costs and financial management.
  • Calls for tenders.
  • Conduct and Evaluate outsourcing.

2. Preparation of studies

Our company has associates, holders of design degrees in the following categories:

  • Architectural studies of building projects.
  • Special architectural studies (interior and exterior design, restoration of monuments, preservation of traditional buildings, settlements and landscape).
  • Static studies (studies of load-bearing structures of buildings and large or special technical works).
  • Mechanical, electrical and electronic studies.
  • Studies of transport projects (roads, small technical projects, traffic studies, signage studies).
  • Studies of hydraulic projects (land improvement projects, water supply, sewerage and water resources management).
  • Topographic studies (geodetic, photogrammetric, cartographic, cadastral and topographic, photo interpretation studies and characterization of private plots, estates).
  • Studies of phytotechnical landscaping and green works.

3. Project management

Each project is unique. Successful project management therefore requires a holistic perspective and approach, as well as innovative methods. Technical expertise, understanding of the complexity of the project, knowledge of the procedures, are key success factors for the implementation of high-quality projects within the stipulated time and budget.

4. On-site coordination and monitoring

The duties of a supervisor are varied and vary from project to project.

Whatever the size of the project, we coordinate the services of third parties, ensure its proper execution and are always in contact with the client to inform the progress of the project and to clarify all technical and financial issues.

Information, communication and advertising

We provide modern electronic information and communication services. We install Information Systems and support Cloud projection applications (text, still images and video).


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