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Administration, Economy and Informatics

1. Start-ups

The services we provide to start-ups are about supporting new businesses and focus on helping young entrepreneurs to encourage their entrepreneurship and develop their skills. In particular, they concern:

  • The type and legal framework of business operation.
    Advice and guidance is provided to young entrepreneurs on choosing the type of organization, operation and representation of the business.
  • The statutory principles of operation.
    Statutes are drawn up for all types of business operations, in order to avoid arrhythmia problems in their future operation.
  • The licenses for the establishment and operation of companies.
    Undertaking the administrative and technical requirements for the issuance of installation and operation licenses of the company.
  • Financial opportunities.
    Access to subsidized programs to encourage and strengthen entrepreneurship is ensured, first with the information of the interested entrepreneur and then with the elaboration of investment plans.
  • The management of Investment Plan files.
  • Banking products.
    The banking products of interest to the investor are investigated and evaluated.
  • The organization of a business operating framework.
    Advice and guidance is provided to young entrepreneurs on issues of solving problems of internal operation, leadership, organizational plans are drawn up, identifying and recording all those functions that will need to be performed within the business: administration, advertising policy, sales, accounting, but also those do with the reception area, loading, distributions, mail etc.
  • Determining the cost and return on invested capital.
    Product costing services, return and amortization of the invested capital of the entrepreneur are provided.
  • The preparation of Business Plans
  • The Commercial Contracts / Agreements
  • Commercial contracts and agreements between producer-seller and buyer are evaluated.
  • The exploitation of inert plans and the promotion of replacements.
  • Actions on a case-by-case basis

2. Growing Businesses

Support for growing businesses involves a full range of business and technical advice on the following topics:

  • Feasibility and Sustainability Studies.
  • Development Law Investment Plans.
  • ESPA Investment Plans
  • Project Management of Investment Plans and Projects.
  • Economic and Technical Studies.
  • Costing
  • Business Plans.
  • Organization and Management Systems
  • Organizational and Operational Restructuring.
  • Development of Human Resources Management and Management Systems.
  • Utilization of technological infrastructure advantages and methods.


1. JobDirect

Our company designed and developed the innovative Cloud jobdirect application. In it, companies publish job ads, look for suitable staff, promote their company profile with text, photos and videos, take part in surveys, etc.

Along with supporting businesses in finding staff and publishing jobs and internships, the jobdirect application serves as a platform for mediation, employability and job promotion.

The purpose is the operation of Employment Liaison Offices in Colleges, Vocational Training Institutes (IEK) and Lifelong Learning Centers.

The operation of the platform is supported horizontally by our company.

2. AgroJob

In 2021 our company to meet the needs of workers in agricultural, livestock and more holdings of professional farmers, cooperatives and agro-industries, the company designed, developed and supports the innovative Cloud application agrojob. The application works in Greek, English, Albanian and Arabic.

3. COOPERATION and Career Day

In the above context, we implement the patented event COOPERATION and Career Day. The event is divided into the following sections:

Workshop activities and talks about employment trends in the labor market, unemployment, skills required by employers, future professions and specialties, training programs, personal effectiveness (stress management, skills, assertive behavior) etc.

One-to-one meetings with career guidance counselors and coaching counselors. The visitor has the opportunity to get answers to questions related to the writing of the CV, the vocational guidance, the diagnosis of educational needs but also to seek a brief counseling.

Presence business

Meetings with executives representing companies where visitors have the opportunity to promote their resume.

Exchange of views-Open discussion

Here the visitor will have the opportunity to participate in open discussions, exchange views and socialize with people from the business world, education, training, etc. in order to receive wider information on the topics that interest him.

Quality Systems

Our company provides Quality consulting services in the following standards:

  • ISO 17025:2017
  • ISO 9001: 2015 "Quality Management System"
  • ISO 37001 "Anti-corruption standard"
  • ISO 22000 "Food Safety Management System"
  • HACCP - Codex Alimentarious "Food Hygiene and Safety System"
  • GDPR 2016/679 "New European Regulation on Personal Data Protection"

Technical Works

Our company provides consulting services for cadastre, issuance of urban planning permits, arrangement of arbitrary constructions and topographic surveys.

Information, communication and advertising

We provide modern electronic information and communication services. In this context, to strengthen entrepreneurship, we operate the Cloud application Power Consultants, with which we promote professional entrepreneurship and business consultants of various specialties and bring in communication with the above, prospective and existing clients.



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